About Us

We are a family owned and operated business serving the residents and businesses of Montgomery County since 1984. We are three brothers who were born and raised in Montgomery County, and we still reside here as well. We are committed to providing the most reliable and dependable service at the most competitive rates while at the same time doing our part to protect our environment.

Our Philosophy

Recycling and refuse removal are an important part of our everyday life. Keeping our environment clean and sustainable is of the utmost importance. However, you shouldn’t have to worry or be concerned about your recycling or refuse service. We feel our customers have enough to worry about as it is. We strive to make our services dependable, reliable, affordable, and worry free.

Our Green Mission

Every year Potomac Disposal recycles thousands of tons of glass, aluminum, plastic, tin, cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, metal, and yard waste generated by Montgomery County residents and businesses.

At Potomac Disposal we equip our vehicles with the OPS Oil Purification System, providing many environmental benefits. For example:

OPS eliminates the need for oil drains, reduces oil consumption, and reduces waste oil generation. Because the OPS keeps the engine oil soot-free, the engine burns CLEANER!

Installing the system on the trucks is costly to us, but the benefits to the environment far outweigh the cost.

Our trucks run on ultra low-sulfur diesel. This is the cleanest burning fuel on the market!

For front end containers requiring locks, we use the Serious Lock Gravity Lock-Bar System. This system does not require the driver to repeatedly get in and out of the truck to unlock the can, dump it, and re-lock. With this system the driver pulls up to the can and simply dumps it and moves on. This significantly reduces idling time, which in turn reduces air emissions!

Reducing our carbon footprint, improving air quality, and recycling thousands of tons of waste every year . . . This is Potomac Disposal’s Green Mission.

Did you know?

Recycling one ton of paper saves an estimated 17 trees!


In Your Community

Helping to Serve Montgomery County’s Needs

We are actively involved in the issues and concerns regarding Montgomery County’s recycling goals and refuse removal needs as our President Lee Levine has been serving on the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protections Solid Waste Advisory Committee since 2004, with his late father Irvin serving ten years prior.

Giving Back to the Community

Since our inception, we have given back to the community through sponsorships and donations. Some of the organizations we have contributed to are the Olney Boys & Girls Clubs, the Central Union Mission, Clarksburg High School Boosters, Rebuilding Together, Blake High School, Farquhar Middle School, Magruder High School, the Montgomery County Community Foundation, the American Heart Association, and many more.

About Our Trucks

Driving around Montgomery County, you no doubt have seen one of our residential trash or recycle trucks. We are often asked, “What are those funny looking trucks”?

The funny looking trucks are called the EVO (trash) and ECO (recycling). The trucks are made by LoDal Incorporated, which is located in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

These vehicles are specifically designed for residential trash and recycling hauling. The vehicle weight is evenly distributed, which puts less stress on our community streets. The EVO and ECO also use large balloon-like tires to further displace weight. Other companies use a standard truck cab with a packer body connected to the back. This puts all of the weight of the vehicle load to the rear tires, which puts enormous pressure on our streets.

The design of the cab and windshield enables our drivers to have a larger field of vision than a standard truck allows. This is an important safety feature when working in residential areas as well as when driving down busy thoroughfares throughout our county.

We are the only company in the state of Maryland to utilize these specialty vehicles.

The EVO and ECO cost more than a regular trash or recycling truck, but the benefits to our community as well as to our level of service far outweigh the cost.





  • We will be running our regular
    Monday residential routes.
    However, if your community is
    contracted for next-day holiday
    service you will be serviced on
  • Are you a CDL driver looking for a job? We are hiring! Give us a call or stop by. We are also looking for helpers.
  • Potomac Disposal is honored to
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  • Celebrating 33 years of reliable
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  • We are a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and The USO Warrior Family Center in Bethesda.